Do Not Adjust Your set

The latest in my world-famous email campaign series, originally sent Friday 12 October 2018. If you’re not on the list, maybe you should check it out?

Do not adjust your set.

Back in the days of yore, you signed up for my list. You’re awesome. You’ve probably not heard from me in a while because my mail provider had a localized apocalypse. We’re starting again here, you and I.

I understand if this instills an urge to [unsubscribe]. If that’s your frame of mind, you do you. If not, let’s chat about what’s going on. Today, we have:

  1. Some wallpapers for your phone or desktop;
  2. A Discord community for readers;
  3. An ancient story I dredged from the archives so we can both laugh/cry together;
  4. What I’m reading; and
  5. A cover reveal.

Rock on.

Eye Candy

Some new wallpapers are up on the site! If you want new shinies for your desktop/laptop or phone/tablet, [check ’em out].

Chatting quietly from the comfort of our own homes.

I’ve set up a Discord for readers of sci-fi and fantasy. If you like being social but not actually with people in the same room, have I got a deal for you. You can [get in here] and talk about what you’ve been reading.

LitRPG Before It Was Cool

Cleaning out a closet recently, I found this short LitRPG story. Back when I wrote it I didn’t know about LitRPG; I was a huge geek and wanted to tell a story from the perspective of RPG characters. Because I was 15 a) it’s pretty dire and b) there’s no romance. Sorry.

I’m not sure it’s weathered well, but you be the judge. [Read it here].

What am I reading?

I’m dual-weilding at the moment in between bouts of editing.

  • Arsenal is a cool story about a young woman with an Iron Man suit. She’s a brilliant scientist and has the machinery to help the world. It’s a full metal superhero story that reminds me a lot of Clines’ Ex-Heroes or Grossman’s Soon I Will Be Invincible.
  • We Have No Idea is for my inner nerd. It’s fun and insightful – an easy read if you want to know a bit more about the universe. I think I prefer Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, but WHNI is more accessible and covers a wider/deeper spread of stuff.

And now: the cover you’ve been waiting for!

I’ve been toiling in the mines of Triton on a new story. It features Mike Takahashi, a sometime-hero of Upgrade. Here’s the cover – let me know what you think 🧐. I’m experimenting with a not-just-Amazon release for this one, which feels risky but a lot of poeple ask me to put the stories on Kobo or iTunes, so… wish me luck.

Until next time, keep being awesome.


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