LitRPG Before it was Cool

I’ve written bad fiction for a long time. I cleaned out a closet recently, stumbling across some of my very old work. This was written for English class when I was fifteen. My teacher, Pamela Sharp, was amazing, encouraging me despite the hack prose I wrote. I don’t have any of the work in digital format (much was written on an old 8088 running WordPerfect, and all that tech is lost to time and memory).

However, I do have a camera on my phone. I snapped the pages of a short LitRPG story I wrote because ain’t nobody got time for transcription. I wrote this before I’d heard of anything called LitRPG; I was a huge geek and avid roleplayer, and thought telling a story from the character’s PoV would be fun and interesting. I dunno — should I make a valiant comeback to the LitRPG genre? You decide: [Yes|No].

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