Consummate Professionalism

Rebekah’s hard at work on the cover for Blade of Glass. We have a process, she and I, where I have an idea and then she does what’s best for both of us. She has minted a quick paint of the cover, which is amazing, and no you can’t see it because everything might change. BUT, I thought I could share part of the creative journey. During the exchange, I mocked up this brilliant framing: No one’s more surprised than me that she still takes my calls. Want more? Get on my world-famous email list here.

New Digital Covers for Night’s Champion

My Night’s Champion series is the devil’s own to market. It features (spoilers!) werewolves, but isn’t in the lane of popular genre tropes. My werewolves aren’t sexy; their murderous, and the vampires they fight do not sparkle. It’s been my eternal challenge to give this series covers that scream, “Supernatural suspense!” rather than something YA-focused (DANGER! WARNING! DANGER!) or romance (…this would be worse than terribad). I’ve updated the covers with these latest. What do you think? The third’s almost the same as it’s original, but the other two have seen quite the facelift.

Tyche Origins

Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t been spending my last few weeks surfing the web or playing video games. Tyche Origins is coming soon! This five-novella series are tiny vignettes into the backgrounds of the Tyche’s crew. How they came to the ship. How they left their homes. The stories are easy to read in a sitting, and are 15,000+ words of action and dialogue* each. The stories will be out soon. Until then, enjoy the covers. * NSFW