Tyche Origins Launched Today

Word. The Tyche Origins collection launched today. About seventy million of you mentioned you prefer novel-sized works to the previous published lengths of the individual stories, so here’s your chance to get all five. Side note: this is where I learned what a pentalogy was. An empire falls. Before there was a Tyche, the crew were scattered. Nate wore the Emperor’s Black. El Helmed mighty destroyers. Hope joined the new Republic’s reclamation projects. Kohl fell in with the Yakuza. And Grace was a prisoner. Grab their origin stories as they become the heroes the universe needed them to be. This collects all five Tyche Origin stories: Tyche’s First Tyche’s Chosen Tyche’s Hope Tyche’s Fury Tyche’s Grace If you love stories full of non-stop action and great dialogue, get your copy today!

The Power of Names

Ever since I read Le Guin’s amazing A Wizard of Earthsea, I’ve been captivated by the idea of names having a kind of power. (Side note: if you haven’t read the Earthsea books, you’re missing out. I don’t use ‘amazing’ lightly; this is a series I re-read often. The writing is brilliant, the characters captivating, the stories both beautiful and poignant). Hobb has her own take on this with her Liveship books (also excellent). Same but different, you know? Worth your time (and I needed to look up ‘Fitz’ when I started on these books). Me, I’m pretty much a hack compared to those two. But I still want the names of my characters to have meaning. In my Tyche books, I named the crew with a purpose. Some of the characters were renamed from their originals (did you know, Hope used Read More …

Tyche’s Chosen

The second Tyche Origins story, Tyche’s Chosen, is out today! Much excite. The smell of charred circuitry wasn’t a perfume Elspeth Roussel liked to wear. Helm of the Empire destroyer Nostradamus, El is the best at what she does. No one flies the big ships like she can. But Empire starships are dying in the hard black, the upstart Republic hammering them apart through sheer force of numbers. When the Nostradamus is sent on a suicide mission to destroy Republic shipyards, El’s courage under fire is tested. She needs to come up with a plan to save her ship, despite her captain’s desire to go down in a blaze of glory. If she manages victory, they might live to see another day. If she doesn’t, the Republic will climb closer to victory on the corpses of the Nostradamus’ crew. Tyche’s Chosen is Read More …

Tyche Origins

Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t been spending my last few weeks surfing the web or playing video games. Tyche Origins is coming soon! This five-novella series are tiny vignettes into the backgrounds of the Tyche’s crew. How they came to the ship. How they left their homes. The stories are easy to read in a sitting, and are 15,000+ words of action and dialogue* each. The stories will be out soon. Until then, enjoy the covers. * NSFW