Tyche Origins Launched Today


The Tyche Origins collection launched today. About seventy million of you mentioned you prefer novel-sized works to the previous published lengths of the individual stories, so here’s your chance to get all five.

Side note: this is where I learned what a pentalogy was.

An empire falls.

Before there was a Tyche, the crew were scattered. Nate wore the Emperor’s Black. El Helmed mighty destroyers. Hope joined the new Republic’s reclamation projects. Kohl fell in with the Yakuza. And Grace was a prisoner. Grab their origin stories as they become the heroes the universe needed them to be.

This collects all five Tyche Origin stories:

  1. Tyche’s First
  2. Tyche’s Chosen
  3. Tyche’s Hope
  4. Tyche’s Fury
  5. Tyche’s Grace

If you love stories full of non-stop action and great dialogue, get your copy today!

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