What Gets You Going?

The things that make us get out of bed in the morning are what make life worthwhile.

Raised Hands 2 by vxdigital.

I’ve been tinkering some more with Upgrade, in between editing Night’s Favour, and I’ve come to a conclusion: despite it having some great action and dialogue, the motivations aren’t entirely clear for all the actors in it.

Thus, I’m going to significantly change one scene (it’s not plausible) and most likely jettison another (at the very least, alter the order of it).  My “opening” gets off to a hiss and a roar, but it doesn’t resolve any useful plot mechanics for anyone (even in context, it doesn’t make sense).

I’ve been spending a bit of time with Paper, jotting down some motivations for the relevant people.  It’s starting to make a bit more sense now, but still needs more massaging.  The last thing I want is something like Expendables 2: lots of action that doesn’t make the least bit of narrative sense.

What’s starting to gel a bit with me is to rewind the clock a little, so that the story starts earlier – focus on Mason for a bit so you can get the feel for his character.  Then roll forward into time so we see what happens when he hits Sadie and friends.

Watch this space.

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