I don’t think I’m a stupid person.

However, I’m feeling really stupid right now – the combination of trying to get my draft exported into one of the acceptable formats and then uploaded is taking hours, and hours, and fucking hours of time.

You know the situation: publishing tool wants things in a certain format, which you don’t have.  So you get to try and wrangle that format out of something else, in a six-step process.  It’s diabolical.

Don’t even get me started on cover art.  There’s drag and drop, and then there’s where’s-my-gun.

I’m getting a sort of inkling as to why authors say, “You know, fuckit.  I’m just doing an ebook.”

Tomorrow, I wrangle some more.  Writer’s group this weekend, so I’ll ask some of them if there’s a sort of cheat-sheet I can use to circumvent the gauntlet of agony.

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