All The Things!

There’s currently a bunch of ways you can get Night’s Favour.

And you should!  It’s quite good, even my mother thinks so.

[Kindle eBook] [Hardcover] [Paperback]

Note: the Kindle version will be free for 5 days, starting 12am PST on Monday 5 August 2013.

One of the things I wanted to clear up for people was, “How much money are you making?”  It’s a good question to ask, and the answer is not very obvious.  The short version of the truth is that I make about the same regardless of which version you buy.  The long version of the truth is, well, longer.  I’d like to put this up here so you can decide which version works best for you!  Buying the hardcover does not automatically make me mo’ money.  Crazy?  Good!  Here goes.

  • Hardcover: If you buy on, I will make revenue of $15.02.  This drops significantly to $3.07 if you buy from Amazon or other retail partner.
  • Paperback: If you buy on, I will make revenue of $11.62.  This drops to $3.87 if you buy from Amazon or other retail partner.
  • Kindle: I make about $2.69 per copy sold (…assuming you don’t get it when it’s free).

As you can see, I make all the cash if you get it direct from Lulu, but I’m not really expecting people to go through the rigmarole of signing up for another online store account.  I’ve based all my pricing on making about the same on each edition through Amazon, as I expect that’s where most people will go to get a copy.  It’s the Earth’s largest bookstore, after all.

All in all, I’d love it if you could just get a copy of the book – especially since it’s going to be free tomorrow-ish on Amazon.  Getting a copy of the book and writing me a review is the best favour you could do – an honest review, but a review nonetheless.  You can’t write a review for the ebook on Amazon unless you get a copy of the book from Amazon, so be sure you get at least the free Kindle version even if you only want a dead tree version.  That would help a lot!

Why do reviews help?  It’s how Amazon’s magic works – the more people who review it, the more it gets bumped into like-minded people’s visibility sphere.  If the book isn’t reviewed, Amazon doesn’t know how to do anything with it.  So do me a solid, and put a review up once you’ve had time to read it.

See you tomorrow.

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One Reply to “All The Things!”

  1. It’s not immediately obvious, but you won’t be able to get the hardcover or paperback on Amazon for about 2-3 months (rough guess). This is because I need to view a proof, authorise it, and then get the info journalled into the belly of the beast. All this takes a bit of time! At least 6-8 weeks of that is simply loading the details into the catalogue for it to permute through the various systems.

    If you want it NOW, get it either on Kindle, or direct from Lulu.

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