Can It Get Any Better?

Night’s Favour is up on my early access programme for free. is the link you need.  Go grab yourself a Kindle copy, even if you’re getting the dead tree versions.  You can read it on just about anything that carries electricity.  Apparently not on Linux though..?  Niche market, maybe.

Why am I doing this?  I mean, I’m giving away something people might pay for, and that seems kind of crazy.  Still, there’s a method here.

First, the most important (as I understand it) part of the Amazon recommendations systems is reviews.  Without reviews, books wither and die.  Reviews from an Anne of Green Gables reader at two stars are just as important as readers of Ex-Heroes at five stars.  It guides people into like-minded areas of books, and without reviews, that just can’t happen.

You can’t make magic without, ah, magic.  Or reviews.  And those reviews need to be honest – it’s not great if my friends give it simpering five-star reviews.  I work for the government: trust me, I can take it.

Second, and the most important to me, is I wrote Night’s Favour because I wanted to tell a good story.  I think I’ve done that, and I’m happy with it, but good stories are worthless without good readers.  I’d really like you to read my book.

A friend of mine asked me if he gets it for free, how can he pay me for it?  Well, aside from writing me a review, he already has – because he read my story.  If it really kicks you on the inside, get a copy for a friend.  Share my book – I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The world is full of stories, and sometimes they allow themselves to be told.

See you tomorrow.

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One Reply to “Can It Get Any Better?”

  1. The Linux comment is only half-joking. One of my friends runs nothing-but, and he had some problems – got the book, but found himself consigned to the cloud reader. Sometimes that happens to good people.

    If you want to make sure you can actually view the book, look here: It will show you all the places you can get an app to view Kindle-ish content on, if you don’t want to buy another electronic thing. For example, I’m a heavy Kindle consumer, but do so on my iPad.

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