The Splintered Land’s First Draft is DONE

I interrupt your regularly scheduled scrolling to drop some happy.

Requiem’s Justice, book 3 in the Splintered Land trilogy, is code complete as they say (…in a totally different industry). Sure, sure, I’ve about seven years’ of editing to do, but let me hold this one close for a while. It racks in just shy of 120,000 words, which is more or less what the other two are.

When editing is done on all three, the series will look like this:

  1. Tomb of the Six
  2. Blade of Glass
  3. The Storm Within
  4. Requiem’s Justice

The astute among you will notice there are four (4) titles, which seems an odd number for a trilogy. As I’m breaking into the hot new genre (for me) of epic/dark fantasy, you’ll get an on-the-house series prequel when this launches. You’ll be able to judge for yourself whether my hack sci-fi skills are equally hack when doing … hack and slash.

Anyway. Editing pass, then off to editor, then more editing, and … to you. Soon, friends! Teaser, ICYMI, of some rad cover art for Tomb and Blade:


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