The Price is Right

Life’s been hard these past months. I don’t want to be a downer, but the only thing missing from this apocalypse is actual zombies (and I’m pretty sure I saw those at the mall). I know money is tight. Shit is hard. Unemployment’s at record highs, and even “cheap” entertainment like reading is difficult to justify when you’re not sure how to feed your kids tomorrow. Many people aren’t coping, and finding it harder without fantasy worlds to escape to.

I have three possible solutions for you.

  • If you’re really hard up for cash, I’ve made Chromed: Upgrade free. This is my homage to Blade Runner. It’s got cybernetics, alcohol, genetically-modified monsters, wormholes, AI, and rock music. This was the thing I wanted to write when I started to do this gig for real, and you can get it for nothing. 85,000 words should keep you busy for an hour or two.
  • Tyche’s Flight is serenading storefronts for a dollar. You’ve got your basic boy-meets-girl-except-aliens-happen story. Sword fights that would make Inigo Montoya jealous. FTL. Starships and Guilds and fallen empires. But don’t forget the aliens – they won’t forget about you.
  • The best value is the Fantastic Beasts storybundle. Sure, you get a bunch of books for the price you choose, but you can also choose the checkbox for charity. People need help, and you can give it to them (and, in the interests of not being totally selfless, stuff your ereader with books like a caffeine-driven squirrel packing nuts). My Night’s Favor is in here, so if you want werewolves this has got it. The bundle’s also got griffons and an elven princess who turns into an ogre. There’s a lot to unpack there.

I hope you find something you can afford. I really hope you can give for the storybundle, because there are lots of people who can’t afford anything. Whatever works for you in here, keep safe and be awesome.

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