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Q: Rainne feels a wonderful mix of powerful hero and mystery wrapped together. How did you make her?

A: Thank you! My hope for Rainne was that she could be an anti-heroine even though she absolutely has hero qualities. She’s intelligent, kind, and nurturing, but also carries with her a deeply rooted rage that shows itself in some wild ways. I wanted to explore what it is to love yourself, ogress and all.

We all have qualities we wish we didn’t have, or were better/nicer/prettier, but at the end of the day we are what we are and learning to embrace our flaws is magical. When you truly accept who you are, you blossom.

With Rainne, I explored that as much as possible, especially in regards to her relationship with Theo. The duality and fear that he loved one part of her more than another was interesting to write. I had to make sure Rainne was lovable and believable without her becoming a victim or whiny. She’s definitely not a victim in any of this, but certain beliefs led her to believe she was. It was a challenge, for sure! In the end, I hope readers will relate to Rainne and her struggles. I loved her so much, I’m continuing hers and Theo’s story in another series.

Q: Your backlist wanders ogres to fae, dragons to magic. What’s the thing you like writing about the most?

A: What do I love writing most? Hope. All of my books revolve around the idea that there’s always hope. No matter how dark a place my characters might find themselves, hope is their North Star. The character’s journey to finding their own magical ever after—no matter what that looks like, is my favorite.

If we’re talking about what mythological creatures I like writing the most, all of them! I love fantasy. Any kind of fantasy makes my heart sparkle. Dragons, of course, are a top favorite, but with Rainne’s story, I loved delving into what life might be like for an ogress. What challenges might she face because she’s green? What benefits come with being an ogress? How does elven Rainne accept or fight the ogress parts of her? Rainne wouldn’t have been as conflicted as a dragon, I don’t think. Everyone loves dragons! But…how many people can say they love an ogre? I know I certainly do. As well as fae and elves and dragons.

I suppose they’re all my favorite because they’re as different and varied as the people I meet in real life. We all have a story, as do the characters I create. My goal is to find that story and present it in an entertaining way. If that means it’s about dragons, fae, or elves, then that’s where the story takes me.

Q: You’re at a party with Rainne. The time’s approaching for her to change. Do you help her get clear or… what?

A: Interesting question! I think it totally depends on what kind of party it is! If we’re at a shifter party, then I crank up the music and put a spotlight on her. The ogress is a bit of a diva and loves attention. She would love to show off in front of other shifters.

If we’re at the elven palace, then absolutely I run interference and help Rainne get clear. I would also try to find something to make the change easier because I know how much it pains her.

First and foremost, though, I would take extra care that she’s comfortable wherever we are. Whether that’s somewhere she has to hide her ogress, or a party that welcomes shifters, it would be up to Rainne how I should help. Her needs come first.

Thank you for this fun interview! Happy reading.

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