The First Draft – It’s Done

Today marks the finish!

Breakdancer by jan-willem.

Of the first draft, anyway.  But let’s not get too depressed before we’ve cracked open the champagne, aye?

The draft is a shade shorter than I was aiming for, at 109,000 words – but it’s where the story finished, and padding out the end is not something that feels right.  It’ll get a bit shorter when it’s edited, and I know there’s bits that need a re-write (chunks of the start, as an example).

All that aside, I’m stoked.  The first draft is done.  I’m going to go practice some cartwheels in the corridor.

For today?  Word goal: 2,500.  Word achievement: 2,700.

The editing phase comes next, but I’m wondering what that means.  Should I take a short break before editing?  I’ve got an idea for a short story / novella that I could probably crank out as a bit of a palette cleanser.  Or should I just take some time out to do nothing and think about it?

Hard to know.  But I can’t stop smiling!

Only one pesky challenge remains: I need a title.  The working title isn’t quite right.  Time to listen to some country and western music for inspiration.

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4 Replies to “The First Draft – It’s Done”

    1. Absolutely not too early. How about I bring some bubbles for our “coffee” catch-up on Monday? Well done, you! Oh, and yes, I think a break before editing would be a sound idea.

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