Almost At The End Of Things

Today was hard.

Secret Garden by amirhd.

I’ve written “the big finale” part of the story.  In video games, we might call this the final boss fight.

It’s a bit hard to be flippant about it though – the scene was really hard to write.  Not just because it was complex (there’s quite a few dudes in it, doing different things, with a whole set of independent motivations), but because it’s emotionally charged.

For me, anyway.  The characters in there I’ve nurtured through 100,000 words, and I feel like I know them.  Having to have bad things happen to them is hard to do.  It needs to be done to tell a better story.

The best stories – to me – are the ones that are hard to read, but have happy endings.  I hope at the end of this that it fits with that – that I leave in the good and the bad during editing.

Tomorrow, I’ll treat myself to the happy ending.  For today though?  I might go walk the dog.  It’s raining outside, and that feels about right.

Word goal: 2,500.  Word achievement: 3,000.

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