Fear Is The Mindkiller

It might actually be interruptions.  I’m not sure.

This Is My Life by matchstick.

First, the good news.  Word goal: 2,500.  Word achievement: 3,800.  That seems a lot.

It’s just that it felt like it took longer than the entire Pleistocene era lasted to get there.  Today was a bit harder than expected – couple of interruptions at the door (is it legal
to shoot marketeers yet?), washing the dog, whatever.

Still, it’s done!  I’m happy I’m there; I reckon that scene will need some rework, but everyone’s now in the same place for the showdown.

This week might have a few more interruptions (FFS, etc.); Friday looks to be a day in the city, and past experience shows that’s likely to lower the word count to zero.  Target for this week’s been modified to 7,500 words in accordance.

Hey.  It’s for a good cause – a friends’ leaving drinks.  There’s no better cause than beer.

Oh: more good news.  Today cracked the back of the 100,000 word mark (now at 103,000 words, and change).  Can I get a, “Hell yeah!”

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