The Boss

Writing conversations between peons and the boss is a bit tricky.

Ritratto 15 by lifan.

My main protagonist is a slice of free thinker mixed with a dash of company man.  In my experience, these things don’t always combine well; company men say yes a lot, free thinkers set things on fire.  It’s fun making these kinds of amalgams though: stories are often about what could be, not what is.

Said protagonist had a conversation with the Big Boss™ today.  Got a mission statement, all that kind of thing.  The trick here is to make him professional without being a pushover; his special talents should shine through.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure if I’ve nailed it.  I mean, I wrote words, but I’m not entirely sure that the tone is 100% correct.

Still – word goal, 500.  Word achievement, 1,200 (plus a bunch of edits to yesterday, because I decided to completely change a character).  That makes this week look like this:

  • Monday, 1,100
  • Tuesday, 1,000;
  • Wednesday, 1,100;
  • Thursday, 1,500;
  • Friday, 1,200.

5,900 for the week, over twice the goal of 2,500.  It’s not like having time off work to write, but it’s making me very happy nonetheless.

Speaking of happy, my beta readers for Round Two have (mostly) hit me back; I’m going to spend next week re-editing Night’s Favour.  That probably means no writing – sad – but also implies Night’s Favour is almost done – happy!

See you next week.

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