Getting It Right

This week is Edit Week again.

Sala de Parto by asterics21

This means collating the second round of beta feedback on Night’s Favour and integrating (where appropriate) into the book.  It’s kind of interesting this time through as – for the most part – my readers of this phase are less into the narrative and more into the structure.

One of the bits of feedback has been about the relative accuracy of one of the fundamental story mechanics.  We really want to get this shit right.  Thanks muchly to one of my readers who helped me work through the actual science side of how this could (or should?) work; I now have a solution to a problem that I didn’t know existed.

This is useful because:
  1. Readers get a more authentic story, and
  2. I don’t get to look like a dick.

These are positive outcomes!

Not too much actual “work” in terms of writing’s happened; you might have heard we had a storm in these parts, and that meant (for various reasons) I spent 5+ hours driving yesterday.  In between that and my actual job, there wasn’t a lot of time left to write (let alone blog yesterday – sorry about that).  Today has been spent on tuning up old mechanical structure – I suspect the rest of the week will be similar.

Sorry – it’s going to be a boring week that way.  See you tomorrow.

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