En? Em?

Fuck all y’all and your correct punctuation.

Cicada 2 by bbrouw83.

Today I’ve been learning new things.  One of those things has been about the dreaded en dash (or hyphen), and why you shouldn’t confuse it with an em dash.

Wait, what?  What is all this malarky?  I’m so glad you asked.  In a nutshell, it’s – well, it’s unnecessarily complicated, but it’s also kind of freaky from a typography perspective.  Here, read this.

It’s all fixed now, with clever use of search and replace.  Night’s Favour should layout a bit more pro – thanks to another beta reader for helping prevent the, “You look like a dick,” scenario.  I’m the proud owner of a bunch of em dashes now, and boy do they look weird.  Correct, but weird.

Also, I’ve been learning more about cicadas, as they’re mentioned in my story.  One of my beta readers questioned me on their appropriate use, and it’s been a delight to learn about the swarm – Brood II is about to bust a move.

Who knew science had legitimately cool names for stuff?  Brood II sounds a lot like an alien invasion, amirite?  See you tomorrow.

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