Soul Sucking Vampires

And by, “Vampires,” I mean an RFP Process™.

Vampire by emilbacik.

Friday was totally corn holed by me being the Company Man on a procurement exercise we have underway.  I spent the day in presentations from various vendors, showing us just how shiny their products and services are.

That kind of experience is enough to break most mortal men.  I only survived by doing a line of coke before each presentation.

They didn’t even feed us, for God’s sake.

Anyway, enough bitching, but that’s why you didn’t see me or a writing goal on Friday.  I managed to hit my targets though:

  • Tuesday, 759.
  • Wednesday, 1,000.
  • Thursday: 1,400.

That puts me over 3,100 for the week, breaking through my 2,500 target.  Yay me!

As for today?  Word goal, 500.  Word achievement, 1,100.  I would have tapped away a bit longer, but someone managed to track me down to my sanctum away from the office and interrupt me.  I’m not quite sure what it takes, but obviously a) being out of the office, b) having headphones on, and c) looking like I’m writing something is not enough to make people leave well enough alone.

In idle moments I wonder if this is how people start to go quietly insane.  See you tomorrow.

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