Does Rain Burn?

It’s an interesting question.

Forest by Krappweis.

In Upgrade, there’s something wrong with the sky, and rain isn’t currently very nice to be around.  No pictures of puppies playing outside (assuming you can find puppies anymore).  Whilst all this makes perfect sense to me, I’m wondering about the effect of reading about it on the average punter.

The hope is that I can tell a convincing enough yarn about how stuff most people know is cold and wet is actually hot and shitty.  Meh – if people write about star ships, I can write about burning rain.

Today’s writing went pretty well – and dammitall, but I wish I could have kept going.  I was in the middle of what was shaping up to be a really good scene; I’ll need to finish it off tomorrow.

Word goal: 500.  Word achievement: 1,400.

Now that’s playing with power.  Still inside my 45-minute (ish) window.  Funny, today it was starting super slow, but then went off with a hiss and a roar.

See you tomorrow.

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2 Replies to “Does Rain Burn?”

  1. I’d buy into burning rain. As long as you write it right, people will be able to buy into it 🙂 You can do it! Btw, you are doing awesomely with your writing goals, knocking that daily word count out of the park!

  2. Thanks 🙂 Although I didn’t do my blog on Friday (no time), I have hit my weekly 2,500 goal; I’ll update on Monday when I’ve got a few more cycles back in the tank. I had my soul removed forcibly via RFP process on Friday.

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