It’s A Love Parade

Writing a sex scene during the day surrounded by people is kind of surreal.

Rose by carloszk.

I’m here, trying to put together this scene where Mason is getting all Romeo, and I’ve got work colleagues walking past me, buying coffees and talking about process improvement and WebLogic and shit like that.  It’s the kind of thing that might be a bit of a mood killer in that situation for certain; it’s hard to keep the focus up, you know?

Still.  At least I’m not watching pr0n for “research purposes.”  That’d probably just be weird, right?

More writing today – word goal: 500.  Word achievement: 1,000.  It was a bit slower going today (or felt like it) because I hadn’t finished yesterday’s scene – so I was kind of trying to weld together yesterday’s thought patterns with today’s.

Got there in the end though.

Now, to try and focus on work after my romantic interlude.  It’s going to be hard, you know?  And no, not that kind of hard.

See you tomorrow.

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2 Replies to “It’s A Love Parade”

  1. haha, yes! I know that feeling! I’ve written those kinds of scenes with the kids around, and since my eldest can read these days I find myself minimising my word doc every time she walks by. I wrote one in McD’s once and that just felt really wrong lol but hey, one has to write when and were one can 😉 Good on ya!

    1. LOLOL McD’s that’s gold 🙂 I can’t really imagine it – or maybe I can, for some reason I think a thickshake would be a bad meal accompaniment for that 😀

      Today I’m writing something about a sleezy mofo, which is kind of hard because I don’t really grok how evil people work. I’m trying not to be too stereotypical, but it might be hard to avoid.

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