I Need A Shower

Today I wrote about someone so nasty I feel unclean.

Bugs by JR3.

It’s important that stories are hard, because then victories feel all the better.  I firmly believe in happy endings, but I also believe in a voyage of pain to get there; the best stories are the hardest to tell.

And maybe the hardest to read, but the most rewarding.

I’ve just come from finishing The Last of Us, which is spectacular.  Not just because it’s got some cool game bits, but because it’s a brilliant story.  It’s harsh, and brutal, and funny, and makes you sad and happy at the same time.  It’s a masterpiece of storytelling, and would be a good book or movie without being a game.

When I see things like that: it gives me aspirational goals.  I’m not that good a storyteller, not yet, but I will be.  To become that storyteller, I need to make my stories rich with detail, malice and joy, despair and salvation.  Bold words, amirite?

I’ll get there in the end – even if it takes writing about really nasty people.

Word goal: 500.  Word achievement: 1,100.

See you tomorrow.

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