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It’s New Release Time

Remember that time at bandcamp when I asked you* to not buy my books? This is not one of those emails.

This week:

  • The Empire’s Rogues, with a launch special;
  • A couple book reviews you may have missed; and
  • Some interviews.

* ICYMI: here.

The Empire’s Rogues

They’re out! Well, some of them, anyway. This is my foray into writing YA fiction, which naturally I know everything about having been a YA in my earlier laps around Sol.

The first three stories are live, and … I’m actually nervous. It took a while to build the thin veneer of confidence I show around space opera and cyberpunk. How will the masses take my young Nate & Grace?

The good news is, you can test the waters for zero Earth dollars. The first is free on Amazon, and the second two are a buck apiece for US/UK folks (all three are in Kindle Unlimited). To make these appropriate for a teenage audience, I’ve prepared this handy list:

  • Swearing: nope. It’s possible a character says hell or damn.
  • Sex: nope. There are strong friendship themes, and hints of deeper connections.
  • Action: lots, but with visceral descriptions detuned.
  • Sci-fi: space domes, stations, blasters, power suits, bioweapons, mycoprotein, super soldiers, and more.

I hope you dig ’em 😀


[0.99 US/UK]

[0.99 US/UK]


Some of the feedback from the reader survey was, “We like hearing what authors like, but we don’t want to be spammed with whatever some fool is trying to hock.”

Behold: I do reviews on my site from time to time. I generally don’t cover stuff I don’t like, so you’ll get recommendations. If you’re interested in the things I’ve enjoyed reading recently, check out this mix below.

Let me know what you think of the reviews (useful? easy to read? helpful in finding your next best story?). All these books are wide (not exclusive to Amazon!) which should help you regardless of your ereader of choice.






Being an author gets me access to other authors, who sometimes tell lies about themselves on my site. LA Frederick interviewed me last year, but didn’t publish it; I interviewed him this year, put it on the site, and in a fit of guilt he published the ancient, dusty tome of our conversation.

It’s amazing what a rush of guilt will do.

If you want me to interview an author, let me know – I’ll see if I can wrangle it.

That’s it from me this week. Have an outstanding day, and be your awesome self: we need more people like you.


PS: If you’re into video games, check out this awesome track from Anthem. It gives me the chills, it’s that good.

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