Night’s Fall Critters

It’s that time again.

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I’m in need of beta readers for Night’s Fall.  I figure that editing of the first draft will be done by the end of January, so “February” is the date I’m looking at for Santa’s little helpers to read the book.

Like last time, I’m after the especially talented among you.  Those people who can read, and mark up, a manuscript (110,000 words) in two to three weeks.

There will be two teams — more on that in a bit.  The thing though is that I’m really interested in what you like about the story.  It’s super easy to tear something to shreds, but it’s just as important (perhaps a little more so) to know what sticks with you, what you wanted to read more of, and whether you liked the damn story.  The likeable aspects of the story are what give the eventual reader those, “Fuck, yeah,” moments.

Strongest DriveNow, on teams: I will be breaking up the beta reading in to two chunks — Team Narrative, and Team Quality.  Team Narrative are people who love to look for plot, structure, story, and theme.  Team Quality are people who love to look for grammar, spelling, double-use of words in the same sentence, that kind of thing.  Team Narrative will get a copy at the start of February, and Team Quality will probably get a copy at the start of March, depending how much Team Narrative said it sucked.

Weird as it sounds, people sometimes volunteer for both Teams, and will read the thing multiple times.  Regardless, If you want to volunteer for any part of this Herculean task, hit me up.

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