About That Weber

Got a new BBQ.  It’s awesome.

We’ve done some pretty interesting food experiments so far.  Pizza didn’t work out so well — I turned it too hot, which gave a little too much of that smoky flavour — but we’ve had some other amazing successes.

Spatchcocked chicken?  No problem.  First, de-spine your bird.


A good set of kitchen shears will give you the effect you need. Embrace your inner barbarian!

Then, put it on the BBQ.  Breast-side down at first, then flip.  You’ll need to time it yourself, but 15-20 minutes a side is probably good in our Weber on low.


We’ve got the lid open for the photo opportunity. Cook closed! We’re also doing some thighs alongside for a pizza later on; these cook in a nanosecond.

Once you’ve cooked your bird, let it stand for a good 10 minutes before you slice it.  Try to ignore the neighbours queuing at the fence, because it smells divine.


Try not to fuck everything up by cutting the bird too early — the muscle fibres need to relax. Also, don’t forget to account for the passive cooking that’s still going on as it’s cooling.

Last night we went a bit crazy and made potato “waffles” in the iron, with grilled tamari-marinated thighs and vegetation done on the Weber.  The waffles are super easy — de-starched and grated Agria potatoes, an egg, 50g of a sharp cheese (feta, parmesan, blue), salt and pepper, and in this case tarragon.  Put the mixture in your iron for 10-15 minutes, and while that’s cooking go cook the BBQ stuffs.  Dice and mix BBQ items and put on the waffle.  Top with avocado and tomato.


Sometimes I impress my own shit, and this was one of those occasions. This meal takes almost no time at all and has no badditives.

All up, the Weber is so good we’re considering Christening it and making it a part of the family.

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      1. Not with a chimney. Thirty minutes before you fill the chimney full of charcoal and light it. Then you empty the coal into the baskets and put in the food. I’ve been smoking lamb with rosemary cuttings. It’s brilliant.

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