M4D SkillZ

I’m re-acquainting myself with my coffee drinking skills.

Bar by xramnet.

Not much to report today; I’m off into the big city, lights and noise, sounds and excitement, to meet a few people.  One of my beta readers has feedback so terrible he can only give it to me in person, so we’re doing that over lunch.  It’s going to have to involve beer, is all I’m saying.

During the editing process thus far, I’ve realised one of my action scenes is a bit confusing.  It’s towards the end, and it looks great inside my head.  I think I need to rework it a little though so it’s more clear to people without a directors’ eye view of the action.


I might need to draw a picture and lay it out, so it makes more sense; I’ve done this once before in the book, and I reckon it helped.  So: out with the crayons.

It’s almost like being five again.  The inner child likes it.

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