It’s an honest mistake.

Blackwater official logo.

I thought I was being clever: in Night’s Favour, I’ve got a couple of big ticket companies.  These are Blackwater Associates, a mercenary contractor, and Pharmachem, a “big pharma.”

Turns out these are real company names.  Blackwater is now known as Academi, and they are just the kinds of people I don’t want knocking on my door.  Pharmachem Labs is a company that makes nutritional ingredients – a little separate from the way I’d named it.

On top of that, I mention “real” organisations – like Microsoft or Google – and their executive staff.  Yeah, it’s a book about werewolves, sort of.

Academi official logo.

The question, I guess, is how much leeway are you allowed as an author?  This is bothering me through the edit process – I’m not married to the names (I thought) I’d made up, but there’s no telling whether or not some small company somewhere is going to get pissy.

A bit of research seems to indicate that the former (e.g., use of Blackwater) would be bad, but use of Google Maps might be ok.  As with all things, it depends, and this is maddening.  I think I’m going to need to rename Blackwater and Pharmachem.

They were such cool names.  Duh – obviously, someone else thought of it first.

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2 Replies to “Rules”

  1. Eek, tricky.

    But also, if you use something contemporary (Google Maps) then how quickly will that age? Wasn’t it Back to the Future that said to invest in Yahoo???

  2. It’s always a risk – I mean, we almost lost Twinkies as a pop icon recently 🙂 I don’t think it’s easy surfing along this unless you make it all up; hopefully the book will be out before Google goes bankrupt 😀

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