Old Skool

I broke out a pad and pen today.

Note Pad 7 by ba1969.

One of the things with doing this editing process is that feedback’s basically in two parts:
1. A very specific comment, typo, or suggestion;
2. A broad theme.

Sometimes when people have made a specific comment, it actually impacts a broad theme.  There’s a lot of this floating around, so I’ve started to make a list (…and I’m checking it twice).

You’re probably thinking at this point that I must have known this back when the feedback started to come in. I did know it, but didn’t really feel it – you dig? – until recently, as I was trying to hold all the moving parts together in my head.

Edits are going along apace, and it’s getting easier as I’m hitting a rhythm.  Having said that, it’s now beer o’clock, and it’s time for a bit of a stretch.

That last makes me wonder: how much more fun would this editing be with a couple of beers under the belt?  See you tomorrow.

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