Looking For Something To Do?

A friend of mine does amazing things.

This man has no criminal convictions.

This man has no criminal convictions.

No, really.  I have a friend who is an actual stage hypnotist.  I’ve been to his shows – it’s one of those sorts of experiences where you laugh so much your face hurts.  I didn’t want to smile for two days afterwards.

I don’t want to sound like some kind of corporate shill: I mention because around the office at this time of year, people are gearing up for the usual “what do we do for our Christmas function” type questions.  I don’t know about your work place, but the people around here have a fairly staid set of options:

  1. Do some kind of dress-up event around the office, like “soccer teams of the world.”  Usually it’s a social club member who wants to do this, the kind of person with a sticker on their laptop that says, “I’m the only sane person around here.”
  2. Some sociopath always suggests paintball.  It’s usually a guy who played semi-professionally and has all the gear.  I don’t know if that’s quite in the spirit of Christmas.
  3. Eventually after a bunch of arguing, we just go get drunk.  This is the sort of experience where people stare into their cups in silence, until they’re drunk enough to dance on tables.  I expect to wake up half naked, maybe two days later, having slept in a dumpster.

It’s the right time to break through this kind of nonsense and get into the spirit of watching your colleagues pretend to be the Pink Panther.

Gerard is currently doing his thing around both New Zealand and Australia, so if you’re from around here, you can probably find one of his shows to attend.  He’s big into charity gigs as well, so there will be a righteous cause you can get behind as well.  Go check out one of his sites – you can find him online at http://gerardv.com/.  He’s on the other usual places like Facebook, too.  I’ve popped his promo reel below.

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