I Know This Music

Still working on that combat scene, but it’s going much better.

Almost at the end, but I ran out of time today.  The interesting decision I made over the weekend was to revise Upgrade’s targets; I think it’s going to be longer than Night’s Favour, and with the complexity of the story it’s going to take me a bit longer to do it.

I’m kind of pleased about that; I was talking with my better half last night, and I really want Upgrade to be a more aspirational work than Night’s Favour.  I already know it’s going to be harder to write though – not because of the moving parts, sure, that’s a thing, but because in this one there’s a lot more collateral damage.

Progress 20130903

It’s almost time for me to set off for Italy, so be prepared: for over a month, I’m going to be spending more time drinking than writing.  I think this is ok, because the net effect will be a recharged approach to writing when I’m back.  Also, it’s Italy.

See you tomorrow.


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