Late Starts Mean Late Finishes

I thought I’d experiment today.

Pizza dough and ingredients by arinas74.

I headed into the city to catch up with a few people, grab a few meetings.  It was good times, but after three meetings, it was after lunch and I hadn’t grabbed a workout or started writing yet.

This is where the time goes when you’re sequestered in a cube farm – meetings.  They are the devil’s work, along with nouvelle cuisine (seriously – the smallest meals on our planet Earth).

The experiment was something like this: how much work can I do, if I have interruptions?  Do they really matter?  It’s been a few weeks since being in the office, and I might be losing tough with reality.

Turns out, interruptions matter.  Three meetings, and a commute, and it’s 2pm already.  Ah – so that’s where the time goes.  Throw in a workout and walking the dog, and it was 4:30 before I started my stuff here.

Start I did though: Word goal: 2,500.  Word achievement: 2,900.

I’m fairly surprised that my writing didn’t include eating today, because I’m a shade peckish.  Time for dinner.

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