It’s a Great Day To Be Alive

It’s the third week of writing, and it’s a blast.
One of the things that makes me curious is how we ended up in the life we lead.  We’ve got some pretty neat toys, cars and coffee machines and cable TV, but we also get up at the crack of dawn, doing jobs we don’t always love.
However this three months turns out, I’m loving it.  How many people get to tell you they spent 3 months doing something they loved?  On top of that, it’s been another bang-up week.  Today…  Word goal: 2,500.  Word achievement: 3,300.

That gives us a weekly tally:

  • Monday: 3,600.
  • Tuesday: 2,800 – and Dr Phil.
  • Wednesday: 3,700.
  • Thursday: 2,900.
  • Friday: 3,300.

Total?  Another 16,000 word week.  Today was also the day that I cracked 80,000 words in the manuscript.

I’ll just leave that hanging, and you can draw your own conclusions.  But – man.  Eighty.  Thousand.
Go listen to some Blur.  You deserve it.

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