Get It Done, Soldier

Today I almost stopped at 2,900 words.

I got an almost-work email today that served as a significant demotivator for a while, but I figure I should probably HTFU and get on with it.

So – back to the writing.  Word goal: 2,500.  Word achievement: 3,700.  Talk about turning lemons into lemonade, aye?

Today I worked with props a little more.  The prop of the day: a steak.  I figure, you can say a lot with a steak.  It can be used to show someone’s income level (chuck steak vs. eye fillet), someone’s taste (steak tartare), or someone’s hunger (I want all the steaks).

Or, you can use it as a talking point – conversation that flows around it.  I grabbed a little from column A and a little from column B today.  It’s going to be interesting to see how it works out in the finished product.  It’s not the first time my hero’s eaten steak.

This is risky: we don’t want him to get stuck in a rut, after all.

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