Folks on my list enjoyed the serialized cyberpunk story Delilah.

I’ve replicated the story here, almost. The tenth part (the finale!) was exclusive to a) mailing list members or b) people who cross my palm with silver (…not a lot of silver, if we’re honest with each other).

You can still read all nine parts (without the ending) below. If you want to pick up the whole story, you can buy it here.

Samson will pay.

Delilah Griffiths is ex-Metatech. She’s got the best covert ops bionics money can buy. None of that helped brother Ollie when the link virus crippled him. Smart money says the terrorist hacker Samson is behind it, using his link-jacking skills to destroy lives. Reed Interactive’s bounty on Samson’s head is Delilah’s dream job.

When Delilah puts the muzzle of her weapon to Samson’s head, he tells her a story too perfect to be true. It’s a story too monstrous to be a lie. Syndicates are creating mind-control technology. Killing Samson could give Delilah the vengeance she craves, but let the syndicates get away with everything.

Faced with the choice between darkness and salvation, Delilah holds the future of millions in her hands.

Delilah is a gripping cyberpunk techno-thriller retelling the biblical legend within a future dystopian world. You won’t want to miss this fresh take on a story as old as time — get your copy today!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

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