It’s done.

Upgrade Cover 6x9 US Trade 600dpcUpgrade is now available for digital preorder.  You can whisk yourself off to grab a copy right now.

The machine is still churning on physical copies, but they will arrive there on a schedule determined by the fates and the gods.  It’s roughly that scientific.  If you’re hanging out for a physical copy, Upgrade has been enrolled as a zero-cost Kindle Matchbook — so if you buy the physical, you’ll get the digital for no extra dollars.  You’ll just need to … be patient.

You can expect the usual boutique hardcover edition, as well as the usual paperback style too.

Here are some store links: [US] [UK] [AU] [CA].  And, possibly, some less relevant ones: [DE] [FR] [ES] [IT] [JP] [BR] [MX]

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