All the Fucks

I’ve finished removing a significant volume of fuckage from Upgrade.

At this stage, I’d say maybe only one in every three or four uses of the word “fuck” has made it into the next draft.  Don’t worry, there’s still plenty in there to go around.

This weekend was interesting in terms of feedback (my beta buddies have started to stream in the next round, which is good).

One wee mote of self-doubt has crept in following some of the feedback, where the beta reader basically said the thing sucked.  I mean, that’s a valid world view, but it got me thinking as to whether the people who’d read Night’s Favour would like Upgrade, and vice versa.  I think there are people who will like both, but now I’ve got nagging doubts that people will expect my second work to be like the first.

It’s not — it’s its own thing — but I guess that’s one of those things that’ll get beaten out in the wash.

Back to editing — still on target for a release this year.  Unless, of course, I take the advice and start again.

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