Staying on Target

The beast has landed.

Wednesday saw me knock off the second round of editing on Upgrade.  It’s now in the capable hands of the next fleet of beta readers.  This is a few days ahead of (my) schedule, and makes me a happy camper.

The review process has been fun and hard in equal measure, and now I’m going to give my brain a rest by working on cover art this month.  I’ve made some minor, some major changes to almost every chapter, and added in a new chapter or two.  Overall length is still about the same (~160,000 words) due to some cutting with knives.

Still no MacBook – the dead one is proper dead, and the quote to fix is roughly equivalent to a top-spec Air, so I’m trying to work out what I should do there.  I’d like an Air for writing on, but I’d also like it to have a Retina display, and it seems that in this (like in many other things) you can’t have what you want.

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