Would the Real Richard Parry Please Stand Up?

He’s a Liverpool supporter, I know that much.

Also an Apple customer, gets the latest iDevices.  Lives in the UK, buys quite a few apps — mostly sports games.  Likes his FIFA.  I know the first car he owned, the street he grew up on, and what his number is.

Most of this I know because he made the error of setting up one of my email addresses as his Apple ID.  I tried to contact him about the error, and he got abrasive, so I just … fixed the problem.  He’s now got himself a new Apple ID, I guess?

aPvYrbV_700bThen there’s the other one.  This one is from a different continent — lives in the US.    Recently got himself a new car, quite a nice Subaru if that’s your thing.  He had to finance it though — five years, balloon payments.  He’s involved in a few volunteer groups, two of them religious, is a Republican, belongs to the NRA, and lectures at a university.

Not all of his students are pleased with him.  Or, their parents — and this is supposition, but it seems he might sometimes set test material that’s not covered in the course reading.

He has kids.  He’s just been on holiday.

All of this I know because he keeps giving out my email address (different one, this time) as his own.  I’ve let his contacts know about this.  He seems to live in a sort of reality distortion field where he thinks I’m wrong about this.  I have to know: does he wonder why he gets so little email at his actual email address?

These are two of the other Richard Parrys on our little blue-green world*.  Sometimes I wish I had a bit more time to do this justice.

* Actual details have been blurred to protect the innocent.

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