Bookshine Reviews Blade of Glass

And Steph liked it!

“Richard Parry’s worldbuilding and plot are superb here, but what really stood out for me above everything else was his knack with characters. The dialogue exchanges are natural and witty, and you get a real sense for each individual character, their growth and the depth of the connections they forge as the story progresses. Even the horses have their own personalities and moments to shine – although not so much that they steal the show or disrupt the main plot.

In addition to the classic fantasy tropes of good vs. evil and racing to find ‘the thing’, Parry has mixed in some interesting moral dynamics about corruption and perfection, dark and light, and who decides who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

I love the races of ‘others’ introduced here – the mysterious Feybrind and the monstrous Vhemin – and am desperate to know more about the whole world we see here. I’m thrilled that books two and three of the trilogy are already out now, but I think I need a prequel trilogy… and a Feybrind-based trilogy… and… you get the idea!

Honestly, having just put this book down, I can’t rave about it more. I was spellbound and kept reading it long past I should have done, when other duties were calling me away. This is top-class fantasy writing, and I am looking forward immensely to bringing you reviews of The Storm Within and Requiem’s Justice over the next couple of months. But don’t wait for me… go ahead and pick this series up now – you won’t regret it!”

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