Back On Target

I wrote me some pretty words today.

1,500 pretty words, to be exact.  I’m not sure if I’m happy with them, not really, but they replaced an older scene I’d had in there.  This scene works a bit better, and supports more of the “mystery box” that’s driving some of Upgrade.  It might need another reword to make it a bit more sensible, but it’s a start.

It was definitely awesome to be writing again, as opposed to editing, or setting up websites, or whatever.  It’s also awesome to be able to pump out 1,500 words in an hour, well ahead of my target of 500.  Obviously there’s some pent-up stuff in there wanting to come out.

Not much of a net win, because I had to scalp about the same amount of words, but it’s progress of a kind.

See you tomorrow!

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2 Replies to “Back On Target”

  1. Any progress is good, even if the word count remains roughly the same. Sounds like you have hit your stride well with work/writing balance.

    1. I’ve found – so far – the trick is to start writing before work rages out of control. People get panicked as it gets closer to 5pm, so getting “my time” done earlier is vital. It’s kind of a win-win, as I get a lot less pissy when people book stuff over the usual lunch time. 🙂

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