20 Slices of Cake

Everybody likes cake.  Nobody likes too much cake.

Marble Cake 3 by michaelaw.

Today, I edited about 20 sections of Night’s Favour.  I’m finding it hard to fit another slice in, as it were, so I’m going to take a break for now.

The good news is I’ve cut it down to where another 10 slices a day will have me finished my first edit by the end of the week.  That’ll take me into the beta reading process, which I’m quite looking forward to.  I still need to find said beta readers – a friend has suggested looking at fanfiction.com, which looks good albeit daunting.

In terms of getting it done, one of the guys in my writing group suggested a cool beta reading process; first, find eight people.  Then, break them into groups of two, so you’ve got four sets.  Take the first set of two and give each person a printed copy of the work, and get their feedback.  Incorporate what’s good from that into a set of edits, and give the edited set out to the next set of two.  Rinse and repeat until you’ve had eight sets of eyes through four edit cycles over it.

Genius.  I’m going to do it.  The only thing left is to get a decent printer that doesn’t cost $28/page to print stuff, because at 500 pages this thing could bankrupt me on a standard inkjet.  I’d welcome any suggestions on printers that don’t suck (both performance/reliability, and long-term cost).

See you tomorrow.

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