My eyeballs are spinning.

Early Morning by JellyEater.

I had a little more coffee this morning than I normally would have.  Still – it was for a good cause; I took my mother out for an early Mother’s Day brunch before she heads off overseas for a short trip to see my wayward sister.

Buoyed on a surplus of the magic stuff (I try and keep close to Sangamon’s Principle) I chewed through a chunk of the editing.  It’s kind of fun now as I’m getting into the “finale” sequence of the story, and it’s where all the stuff is that I really like.  The setup in the start of any story is necessary, and should also be good, but it’s not as cool as the closing.

When I started writing this story, it was for me – I wanted to write a book that was the kind of story I wanted to read.  The rewarding part as I’m going through the editing is that it very much is that story (…maybe a bit rougher).  Even if no one except my mother buys a copy on Amazon, I’ll be happy that it’s out there.

It’s time to walk the dog, before it gets sub-zero outside.  See you tomorrow.

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