The Quiet Before The Storm

I’m gearing up for NaNoWriMo next month.

My first day at the new job.

My first day at the new job.

This is going to be interesting, as I don’t really need the motivation of targets (in many ways, they kind of annoy me), but I’m quite interested to see how the group structure effects creativity.

I appreciate I’ve been quiet for a week or so since getting back from Italy, but stuff’s been happening.  Here’s a list.

  1. There’s now a hardcover of Night’s Favour available on Amazon.  Yeah, it’s weird that took longer than anything else, a sort of Button Effect, but whatever; the circle is now complete, and all copies are available there.
  2. Work is progressing nicely on a cheaper paperback version via CreateSpace.  By “progressing,” I actually mean that I fought with Amazon’s tax system, and have a new fear of the IRS.  I’ve also got the ISBN number for the new edition; the real barrier now is jousting with CreateSpace itself for different cover formats and shit like that.  I have high hopes I can do this without fucking it all up.
  3. As noted above, I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo.  I’m looking for writing buddies, so spin me a line if that’s your thing.
  4. Speaking of both NaNoWriMo and Italy holidays, one of the net outcomes of that was a strong desire to re-plot a few things in Upgrade.  Because I’m sort of OCD about this stuff, I worked out that my collection of Post-Its™ just wasn’t cutting it; I’ve grabbed myself a copy of Scapple.  Turns out, the first third of the book has 32 interrelated plot events.  This plot outlining is what I’ve been doing all last week and will continue for this week (…and probably some associated edits to 3 chapters I’ve identified as being inconsistent).
  5. Oh yeah.  I got a new day job, with a completely different circle of hell.  It’s a G Man town, but this agency seems to have a strong appetite for change. I like that.  Today was the first day there, and I’m a bit glassy-eyed this evening as a result.

A few people have suggested cutting down the frequency of updates here on the blog to focus on writing itself*, which strikes me as good advice.  I’m going to play with some schedules in my head and see where I land up.  The last week’s been good for structuring Upgrade better, but I’m itching to get back to putting pen to paper.  Or finger to keyboard.

* Some of these assholes probably just don’t want to hear me talk as much.

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