Spring Cleaning

Sometimes the stuff you do makes no clear sense.

I mentioned last week that I’m making a push for NaNoWriMo next month.  Leading up to that, I’ve made an effort to clear up some of the narrative inconsistencies in Upgrade so far.  Today’s work was spent tidying up a very necessary scene so that it makes more coherent sense for things that happen much later — things I haven’t written yet.

It’s kind of fun!  Not just the slightly mysterious nature of Things Yet To Come™, but also revisiting some of my work and enjoying the reading of it.  No, I don’t spend hours looking at myself in the mirror, but sometimes it’s nice to see your own work and not be horrified by it.  Back to making sense: what was I thinking?!  The initial plot mechanics for the scene were kind of cool in a sort of dropped-a-tab-of-acid cool, but not in a sort of makes-sense-to-people-over-two-years-old cool.  It’s good to have that squared away.

My assessment suggests I’ve got just one piece of tidy yet to do, and then I’m go for launch for next month.  Which is good, because next month is pretty damn close.

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