I don’t normally go in for war simulators, but I’ve been playing some Black Ops III.

It’s quite good.

Despite that ringing endorsement, which you can read in various flavours on other sites that are qualified to write video game reviews, what I’m enjoying is the characterisations of the female version of the protagonist.  In case you don’t know, the game now allows you to be either a dude or a chick, and the script is the same.  This means that the characters appear equally strong, confidant, pro-grade people who can wage war in a dystopian future against other humans and robots and the fucking CIA.

I really like this.  It’s this kind of messaging that needs to be out there — for my specifics on research, I’m playing the campaign as the female protagonist, and it works.  I am not overly concerned about attire, and can get on with the business of shooting bad people in the face.

Treyarch, I salute you.

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