Radical Departure

Whew!  I’ve been editing up a totally different story mechanic for Night’s Favour.

3d Maze 1 by svilen001.

One of my beta readers really helped out with what the plot mechanics behind lycanthrope could be.  I’ve been reworking the piece to remove blood samples, substituting in biopsies instead, and scrubbing some of the faulty science.

It’s hard.  There’s a surprising number of moving parts involved in this: I’m going to have to go back through the story again and read it for coherence now.  I think it makes for a better story, which is the important part, but man it’s hard.

Funny thing: every time I think I’m almost there, I hit a stumbling block that pushes me out.  It’s during this editing cycle that I’m finding the “hour a day” writing really, really hard.  Some of the ideas and concepts I’m trying to edit take longer than an hour will provide justice, and the thought continuity between days is hard to grapple with.

It leaves me a bit concerned that the edits will appear incoherent.  Wish me luck.

Sorry for no blog yesterda
y - I ended up working until quite late on the editing, and figured you’d forgive me for a day.  See you tomorrow.

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