Hospital Wards

Apparently mixed-sex wards aren’t allowed.

Children’s Medical by tounyuu.

This piece of feedback has come through a few times from beta readers of Night’s Favour.  The curious thing is that I’ve been in mixed-sex wards before in my life.

Is this some kind of new thing?  I’m thinking about ER rooms I see on movies and TV, and there’s all manner of people with severed limbs bleeding out in beds.  They don’t seem to say, “Dude, girls over there,” and bar entry when the female side is full.

I dunno.  Is this still a thing?  Are there different rules between ER and general wards?

I don’t really want to hospitalise myself to find out, if you get my meaning.  Any comments would be most helpful!  I can edit the scene, but it works better if mixed-sex is allowed.

See you tomorrow.

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2 Replies to “Hospital Wards”

  1. You know, initially I thought ‘yes they do have mixed sex wards!’ but then I started thinking about the faces I could recall the last few times I’ve been to visit people and realized that maybe they are all single gender…
    Is there a reason why they can’t have mixed wards in YOUR novel world?

  2. Bah, it’s all a bit hard 🙂 In terms of my world, I’d like there to be as few differences as possible for a reader between “my fiction” and “this world we all share.” The less you need to stumble over the differences the easier it is to acclimate to (IMO, anyway).

    I’ve done some minor editing to the start of the scene, so that instead of Danny just being in that room, she wanders into it. There’s probably rules around that in hospitals as well, but the last time I was in a hospital with wards everyone was far too busy to worry about where I was walking.

    The problem is it’s hard to determine from inside the story how it looks. I reckon this scene will need to be reviewed from the outside for context. Bah humbug. I was *this* close to getting it on Amazon…

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