Now, Write

I’ve spent the last week making a world.

It’s fair to say I haven’t put in quite the effort that others may have done, but I’ve got to a point where I have dudes, motivations, and the structure of how the story is going to truck along.

Part of the work involved is to gather together information about humanity, and construct some new urban tribes, fashions, technologies, and so on.  It’s been quite the anthropological adventure, and a heap of fun.

However, I’m also a believer that too much research is a bit of a bad thing; it doesn’t allow any organic movement within the story and people you’ve made.

With this in mind, next week I’m going to try writing some shorts – which may or may not make it as chapters of the book.  We’ll see – but enough research.  It’s now time to breathe a little life into things.

No updates tomorrow or the weekend; I’m off to a friend’s 40th, which is quite likely to involve hospitalisation (for someone).  No laptops allowed.

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