Mothers Are Awesome

Everyone should have one.

Rhino at Knowlsey Safari Park by biscuits17.

Specifically though, having one on staff who’s a grammar Nazi is very useful.  My mother has been one of my beta readers, which is one of those things fraught with peril.

If I have to tell you why, you’re probably not writing books for an audience over the YA threshold.

Anyway, my mother has provided some excellent feedback on grammar structure.  Some of it stays because it’s how people talk or stay, but GOD DAMN do I mix up things like “whose” and “who’s.”

I’ve finished going through another batch of feedback (Gerard!  Yo!  Thanks!) and am on to the family stuff now.  I have a secret fear that my sister’s feedback will be brutal, because – and here’s the dirty secret – she’s a lot smarter than me.

Thank God for mothers.  See you tomorrow.

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