Late Starts…

…mean late finishes.

Sundown by danjaeger.

Speaking of finishes, I completed the edits based on one beta reader’s feedback today (hi, Jane!).  It was good stuff, lots of minor things that add up to a heap of useful overall touches.  Narrative inconsistencies.  Spelling fails!  Grammar in there too.

Having smart friends is really useful.  I’d recommend it to all writers.

Editing is going much slower than I’d expected.  It’s really down in the detail level now, and trying to provide course correction and still keep the original flavour – now that’s hard.  On the plus side, I’m getting to re-read my work, and am impressed with my own shit.

It’s got to be good to read your own work and be happy with it.  Not in a way like a business case: “Yeah, I guess that says why we want to spend a million bucks.”  But in a way like a story: “Crickey.  Did that shit just happen?”

I like my dialogue.  I sense a trap here though: hubris is a real danger.  It’s probably important to wait for the critics to measure you before you start believing you’re too awesome.

I want it finished already though.  I’m going to have to start putting some more time in to get it across the line before the next ice age.  It feels good though – my story’s almost ready for you guys.

See you tomorrow.

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